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Mia Coco Lanner

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Welcome, Dear Reader,

In a world that can be complicated, difficult and at times heart breaking, this website is intended to be a sanctuary, a place you can visit any time you need a break from whatever life is serving up, to let yourself relax for as little or as long as you like, to reconnect with your heart and your desire and your truth, to find love. 

Because, Dear Reader, I write my tales for you. Let me show you another world, where hearts are cherished, connection is celebrated, and love is true. Truth, fiction, fantasy, reality: if it represents love, it has a home here. 

I love many things. I love crystals and glitter, and Earl Grey tea, and pink champagne, and chocolate cake. I love crisp winter mornings and warm summer sunsets. I love rain falling on leaves and gazing at the night sky. I love that feeling when you realise your heart calls to someone. I love the warmth of a friend’s hug, the sweetness of a lover’s kiss. 

Life, I love it all. And I want to share it with you, Dear Reader. We deserve the very best life has to offer and there isn’t anything better than love. 

So take a moment, find a comfortable spot, and let me take you away for a while to a world where true love lives.


Mia xoxo

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