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The Baker’s Boy series

The Baker’s Boy (part 1 of the Baker’s Boy series)

Arabella Anderson is a woman on a mission. Her business is thriving and she is in the running to win a prestigious business award that will take her business to the next level. She doesn’t have time for distractions. But a delivery from a supplier turns her world upside down when the Baker’s Boy awakens a hunger in her that she can’t ignore…

Ben Miller lives to bake. His work in his father’s bakery business leaves him little time for anything else. Especially love. But Arabella Anderson has intrigued him since the moment he first set eyes on her. She’s driven, dedicated, and hiding a broken heart. Will she ever see him as anything more than the Baker’s Boy? 

In the heat of the kitchen, anything is possible. Appetites awaken, cravings consume, and summer fruits set passions alight. Temptation is impossible to ignore as Bella and Ben find themselves on a path that will challenge their ambitions and their desires. 

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Room Service (part 2 of the Baker’s Boy series)

Winning was the easy part as shadows threaten to destroy Bella’s night of triumph. The glittering business awards ceremony looks set to turn into a disaster with her ex-boyfriend on the prowl and the man she adores nowhere to be seen. Can Bella escape the past that threatens to swallow her up? 

Bella Anderson has rocked Ben Miller’s world. His appetite for her knows no bounds. But winning a prestigious business award has set her on a new trajectory, and a ghost from the past lurks, looking to tempt her away. Will he get the chance to show her how he feels, or will his own secret come between them? 

Can the embers of old passions be extinguished? Will new partnerships burst into flame? Will the awards night be the crucible for a burning new love, or will it tear Bella and Ben apart.

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Vanilla and Chill (part 3 of the Baker’s Boy series)

Ben Miller. Bella is still getting used to the fact that her boyfriend is a scion of a famous baking dynasty. When he invites her to stay over, she is overwhelmed by his fancy home. But his cooking skills and easy charm soon melt her nerves and when he offers her dessert, she can’t wait to accept…

Ben is doing his best to keep his cool. He’s cooking dinner for Bella for the first time and his nerves are getting the better of him. And he has some important news to share. Will his ideas for dessert go to plan, or will they melt in the heat?

A quiet night in has never been so tasty…

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The Highland Host series

A Taste of Fire (part 1 of the Highland Host series)

Penny Phillips is dreading a weekend spent in a Highland hotel with her family. The hotel may be a luxury haven favoured by celebrities, but Penny is on a deadline for a book and she is utterly devoid of any ideas. Will the hotel’s handsome whisky-connoisseur barman provide the inspiration she needs? 

Adam Morton loves his job. Working in the whisky bar of a luxury hotel lets him demonstrate his knowledge of fine whiskies and enjoy the company of the beautiful women who stay at the hotel. But when Penny walks into his bar, he knows she is different. He wants her. There is a fire in her that has dimmed and he wants to be the man who helps her light it back to flame. 

A taste of fire will set Penny’s world ablaze. This is the first story in the Highland Host series and is available exclusively as a thank you to my subscribed readers – you can get your free copy here.

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